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Who Said 13 Year Old’s Can’t Change The World?

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Nevaeh Bressler may only be 13 years old, but her determination and passion for spreading good puts her years beyond her age. Nevaeh’s father Michael was scrolling through Instagram one day when he noticed a post from Campaign One At A Time’s marketing director, Siri. The post touched on the fact that there were only a few days left to donate to Jaylan Green’s campaign(a 12-year-old colon cancer patient from Huston, TX Campaign One At A Time was currently sponsoring) and they were still a thousand dollars away from their goal.


Campaign One At A Time set out to raise $10,000 to send Jaylan and his family on a trip of a lifetime to Los Angeles, Ca, but with just days left in his campaign, it looked as if they may fall short. When Michael told Nevaeh about the campaign, they both knew there was something more they could do aside from just sharing on social media; they needed to take this to the streets! And that’s exactly what they did.


Nevaeh and her dad made huge signs with Jaylan’s picture on them, printed some flyers, and set up shop on a busy street in San Francisco, Ca. In just 2 days, Nevaeh raised over $1,000 for Jaylan’s campaign, helping Jaylan and his family be able to go on his trip! It just goes to show how powerful a youthful human heart is. Nevaeh saw a problem, and she went out and solved it.


When we thanked Nevaeh’s Dad for letting Nevaeh be involved, he let us know he and Nevaeh both understood the struggles these children go through. Nevaeh had an aunt named Isabel, who was only 5 years older than Nevaeh. Around the time that Nevaeh was born, Isabel was diagnosed with an illness called Myasthenia Gravis and over the years, spent a lot of her life in the ICU. Nevaeh and Isabel grew up together like sisters, and sadly Isabel passed away when she was just 16 years old. Isabel would have turned 19 this past March. As a father, Michael’s goal is to empower Nevaeh and get her involved with great causes, such as OAAT, as they both know, it’s something Isabel would want.


Interested in spreading good like Nevaeh? Email Tanya at tpanopio@campaignoaat.org to learn about different ways you can make an impact.