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Welcome To The Team!

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Behind every impactful charity, sits a group of people who may not always be seen, but are essential in the existence of the organization; and that is the board of directors. Campaign One At A Time has had some amazing people step up to the plate over the last 5 years to not only fulfill a seat but bring immense value to the community. OAAT’s board members donate their money, talents, and a big chunk of their time to the organization to help make sure OAAT continues to fill its mission at the highest level.

Right before the pandemic hit full speed this past spring, OAAT was on the hunt to add two new board members to their team. In the midst of the storm ahead, 2 amazing volunteers stepped up to the plate. The first of which was Robert Gonzalez, Co-Founder of MyBooks.Pro. Robert became interested in OAAT because he’s a close friend of OAAT’s founder Brodi. Robert decided to join the board because he sees and believes in the good that OAAT does. 

“Knowing that my time, energy, and money is directly benefiting children entrenched in battles against forces I may never experience inspires me to help in any way I can. Having a bigger role as a board member, my mission is to help OAAT grow and expand its reach to more kids around the world.” -Robert

The second board member that joined the 2020 board of directors is a long time donor and volunteer, Carin Mulvaney. Carin has supported OAAT for 3 years now, and currently holds the record for donating to the most child campaigns! 

“OAAT is a charity that I wholeheartedly love and have supported for years. My goal has always been to make a bigger impact by helping more children/families and joining the board provides me that opportunity.” -Carin

Although 2020 has been a bit of an uphill battle, OAAT’s impact has remained high, and we are so grateful for all of our board members.