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Travel Lifestyle Brand Chooses To Give Back During Pandemic

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This past month, JETCET has been selling their newly released up-cycled face masks, and have donated 100% of the proceeds to Campaign One At A Time so that we can continue to provide joy and support to children battling cancer and other life threatening illnesses during this pandemic. During a time that has been so tough on everyone, JETCET made it a priority to give back and spread good.

Last week, we got to go out and put these donations to use by visiting cancer patients across Los Angeles and Orange County and delivering care packages to them and spending some time with them, from the driveway of course! It was so much fun getting to visit some awesome families while still being able to social distance and keep them safe. Our organization is so proud to have JETCET’s support, and are looking forward to spreading a whole lot more good together!

If you’d like to get your JETCET mask, please be sure to visit

We also released a video of us visiting some of the families together if you’d like to check it out! Keep up the amazing and positive work AHN!

For more info on how your company can get involved with OAAT, please email