The Ability To Be Included In A Minimalist Lifestyle!

Many people could agree that being included in a situation during their day can make them feel excited, curious, intrigued, maybe even sometimes awkward, or even frightened! However, when it ultimately comes down to it; we should feel included. Being included in a day to day venture makes you feel vulnerable and able to relate to one another. Nick Ordonez, Founder and CEO of JETCET would agree that being included is important to his brand, as well as living a minimalist lifestyle because living minimalistically is the way to make traveling a wondrous experience. Living a minimalist lifestyle includes being free from financial worry, getting rid of clutter that doesn’t add value to your life, and focusing more on the experiences rather than materialistic items. I think we can all agree that living a minimalist lifestyle could benefit our lives a bit!


Nick Ordonez is a businessman, a husband, and most importantly a brother, who supports the inclusion of people with disabilities. JETCET was created with the mindset of “packing less and not having to check in anything.” Nick likes to use smaller bags and be comfortable on the plane. He’d rather, “drop off his bags in the room, and then go out and explore while living a minimalist lifestyle!” Most importantly, Nick enjoys the opportunity to share his traveling stories, photos, and videos with his brother who has down syndrome. Nick has an older brother by 11 months who has a severe case of down syndrome; causing him to not always want to leave the house; and makes traveling an almost non-existent opportunity, until recently! Due to creating JETCET, Nick is able to travel and “return back home to share the experience with his brother through photos and videos, something his brother would have never been able to have experienced or appreciated prior, due to his severe case of down syndrome.” Nick and his brother have always been able to connect when it came to “movies, video games, and music; however, his brother never appreciated traveling” until Nick was able to bring his experiences back to share with him.




Being as I am a millennial business student, I was curious to know more about the background of JETCET and was itching to ask about how he found his manufacturer and distributors. Nick seemed to laugh a bit at my question and replied stating, “A lot of referrals, setting up meetings, cold messaging businesses” as well as being hopeful for the future of his company; “We are looking forward to one day manufacturing and distributing ourselves!” although he is happy with his current situation after finding the perfect manufacturers and distributors 3 years into creating JETCET.


With plans of expanding the JETCET inventory, changing up some bag designs, and adding in more apparel; the biggest advice Nick could offer to prosperous business majors and any child who is interested in creating a business is to ultimately, “Do something that makes you happy! Because at the end of the day, you can make money off of something that doesn’t make you happy or not really enjoy it, and you’ll always look for something else because it doesn’t make you happy. So do or sell something that makes you happy!”


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JETCET Apparel

JETCET is a proud sponsor and donor to Campaign One At A Time and is thriving to expand their future opportunities with Influencers as well as continuing to collaborate with people who have the same visions.  

As Nick mentioned, “Continue to do things that make you happy!”


Signing off,


Trishia Ybarreche

10% of JETCET’s sales are directly donated to Campaign One At A Time.

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