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48 hours is all it took! This 2 day sprint set a new Campaign OAAT record for the fastest campaign goal ever met!

17 year old Stage 4 Colon Cancer patient Cameron Harris Brown could have asked us for anything when we met with him to talk about the goal of his campaign fundraiser. He could have asked us for a trip, or a new electronic device, or even tickets to a sporting event. Instead, Cameron let us know about a project him and his mom started before he was even diagnosed with cancer. The project is called Love Thy Neighbor, and every last Sunday of the month, him and his mom, along with other friends and family members go out to the homeless community and provide free haircuts.

Even through his diagnosis and treatment, Cameron has continued to focus on his project, and it has been growing every month. They now provide the homeless with clothes and food as well! Cameron’s dream is to have Love Thy Neighbor become an official 501(c)3 non profit so that he can build a legacy of helping others that will last forever.

We set out with a goal to raise $2,500 throughout the month of February, and by the 2nd day, we already reached our goal! This has set a new record for OAAT and we couldn’t be happier. It just goes to show how powerful a community can be. This was an absolute community team effort! We have had 50+ people take the pledge to support Cameron’s campaign to help us reach, and exceed his fundraising goal. Every single one of these donors now have a place in both OAAT and Love Thy Neighbor history!

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated, shared, and engaged with Cameron’s campaign! We are so excited to be able to join Cameron in spreading more good, and helping make his dream of launching his non profit a reality.

As we know, there are so many initial and ongoing costs in launching and running a non profit. If you’d like to continue supporting Cameron’s campaign and his journey to help more people through Love Thy Neighbor, please visit

His campaign page will be live through February 29th, 2020 <3