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Symbolized by a gold ribbon, September has been acknowledged as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This is the time where we give emphasis and take action for every child who has cancer and the need to fund positive experiences that oftentimes are end of life experiences for many children with cancer.

While Childhood Cancer Awareness month is only observed in a month’s span, it does not take away from the reality that these children are battling these life-threatening illnesses every single day of their lives, year-round. Adding to the stress and uncertainty of treatment is the new reality brought about by the pandemic, not to mention the stress of isolation and the financial hardships that many families face in the down economy. 


As we all know, Cancer has no mercy – It doesn’t favor anyone. All people from different ages, genders, or status, or one can simply say – From different walks of life can be targeted by cancer. Kids are no exception.

Being diagnosed with cancer at such an early age can be the most catastrophic thing for both the child and their families but being aware of what Childhood Cancer is all about will further shed light on our understanding of this disease and how we can lend a helping hand for those who are silently fighting this battle.



Things you should know about Childhood Cancer:


  • In the United State alone, there are more than 15,000 cases of childhood cancer diagnosed each year. At the same time, 250,000+ cases are diagnosed worldwide.
  • Childhood Cancer is the second leading cause of death next to accidents.
  • Surviving Childhood Cancer may have a late effect on a child’s health and development caused by the treatment they received. Including but not limited to;
    •  Learning and memory impairments
    • Great impact on their mental health. They might experience anxiety and depression because of what they have to go through at an early stage of their life which they can bring up into adulthood.
  • Chance of recurring cancer. Research has shown that risk for a second cancer is slightly higher for childhood cancer survivors. 
  • Faith and hope are necessary. The journey may be wobbly and unsteady but knowing that there is a continuous innovation & research to save millions of lives is enough to fill the void of uncertainty. 



These children do not deserve to spend their childhood in the four corners of the hospital crying about the pain of needles and chemotherapy.

What you can do 


Campaign One At A Time is a non-profit organization which aims to provide positive experiences and fulfill the dreams of children fighting life-threatening illness one child and one campaign at a time. We believe that in your own little way, you can bring ease and become a ChangeMaker in their lives. 


    • Become a ChangeMaker – Become a monthly donor to make a consistent impact in the lives of kids fighting life threatening illness like cancer. In return, you will receive a simple token from us for your generosity. Including but not limited to #ChangeMaker sticker, exclusive cell phone pop socket, #ChangeMaker bracelet, a ticket to our annual gala, and access to private events.  (Become a ChangeMaker)
    • Shop merchandise – OAAT Hoodies, Shirts, Caps, and Bracelets are just a few of the quality products you can shop. The proceeds of which goes to support the mission. (Shop Merch)
    • Donate to a Campaign – When donating to a campaign, you have the option to receive an exclusive campaign bracelet. With every bracelet you donate towards, 100% of the proceeds will go to the current campaign we are supporting.  (Dreambank Campaign)
    • Be a Volunteer – Join the #SpreadGoodSquad. We partner with local hospitals to provide you with an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children battling a life-threatening illness. You can submit your volunteer application on our website. (Be part of Spread Good Squad)
  • Support and Spread the word – Word of mouth and referral plays a big factor in making a campaign successful. Share and tell this to your friends and family so they, too, can help make a big impact on children’s lives.  Facebook, Instagram


They say happiness is gained by helping others. In these trying times, may we always bear in mind that there is no individual stronger than the collective. A little help from the community creates a huge impact on a child going through one of the toughest times of their lives. Make a change. Start today!