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Stockton Couple Helped Make Stage 4 Cancer Patient’s Dream Come True

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Robyn and Randy Rajkovich of Stockton, Ca have a passion for giving back. For years they have supported various organizations, and just over a year ago stumbled across Campaign One At A Time.


Robyn unfortunately knows the pediatric ward all too well. Her niece was injured when she was just 3 years old and was left paralyzed. Robyn spent years at Stanford Children’s Hospital and even after she got out, she continued to donate her time and her money to them. Her niece would be there for 6 months at a time. “Seeing the kids, it was just heartbreaking. You get to know everyone in the ward, and sometimes you come back and their bed is empty. I would see the kids, see the families; I used to work across the street, and you’d daily see little ones being pushed around in wheelchairs and it cant help, but affect you.” – Robyn.
This is where trying to help as many kids as she can comes from.


Robyn and Randy have supported numerous children directly through Campaign One At A Time, and were thrilled to donate to stage 4 colon cancer patient Jaylan’s campaign at the beginning of February. Campaign One At A Time set out to raise $10,000 in the month of February to send Jaylan and his family on a dream trip to Los Angeles, Ca. About a week into Jaylan’s campaign, Houston was hit hard with a blizzard and most of the city(including Jaylan’s home) lost power, water, and thousands of people were affected. Jaylan’s family had to flee their home and stay with Jaylan’s aunt on the other side of town until the power and water came back. Once the blizzard was over, Jaylan and his family came home to an eviction notice. The harsh reality of childhood cancer is that even though a family may be going through the toughest medical battle of their lives, the bills don’t stop, and resources run low quick. Jaylan’s mom is a single mom of 3, and had to stop working to care for Jaylan through his treatment and started to fall behind on rent. This whole perfectly timed storm shifted the gears of Jaylan’s campaign. The call to action to our community then became rent assistance for Jaylan and his family, and his trip to Los Angeles became a second priority.


Seeing what Jaylan and his family were going through in Houston motivated Robyn and Randy to want to help even more! As funds started to come in to help Jaylan and his family keep their apartment, Robyn and Randy had an idea on how to still make the trip to LA a reality. Robyn and Randy donated their credit card points and sponsored ALL of the flights AND the entire hotel stay for Jaylan, his mom, his two sisters, and his nana to make his dream trip a reality! This past weekend, Jaylan and his family got to enjoy a 3 day adventure to Los Angeles where they toured Hollywood, went shopping at Beverly Center, explored Venice Beach, and experienced the amazing seafood in Manhattan Beach! Part of Jaylan’s dream was to try lobster, and he got to cross that off of his bucket list this past weekend as well! Robyn and Randy even gifted Jaylan an iPad while he was here, which almost brought him to tears!


When we asked Robyn and Randy why it’s so important to make special experiences like this possible for kids like Jaylan, they said, “it gives them an opportunity to not think about their reality. It gives them a chance to spend time being a family, and to be able to have fun and create memories that last a lifetime.” We are so grateful for people like Robyn & Randy; so selfless, so inspired to give, and true change makers.


If you are interested in donating your credit card points like Robyn and Randy to help us help more kids like Jaylan, please contact Tanya at