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Quarantine: A Day in the Life of an Oncology Patient

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For many, the current pandemic strikes fear; but for families and kids who are part of the oncology world, that fear comes across as normal. The fear of germs, viruses, anything contagious that can potentially put your life in danger, is the norm for an oncology patient.

Having to leave the house, can be a chore within itself. As an oncology patient, you can’t just get your everyday belongings and go. You need a face mask, disinfectant spray and/or wipes, and any other tools that help aid in keeping you clean and safe while out and about in the world with everyone else who has a normal immune system. When you’re an oncology patient, you don’t have an immune system with the same ability to fight off viruses and germs like the rest of the world. Both chemotherapy and radiation are known to kill the bad cells (cancer cells) and unfortunately, also kill the good cells. One of the downsides, is it also eliminates your immune system, almost entirely.

Quarantine is sometimes necessary, and can be lonely. Quarantine as an oncology patient, is like living in your own pandemic. All connections to the outside world are limited, human interaction is restricted, and outings are rare. Quarantine is a normal way of getting through everyday life for kids and families with a cancer diagnosis. Having to distance yourself from everything that used to be your everyday life; everything you’ve ever known, that’s quarantine for an oncology patient. However, we don’t call it quarantine… we call it life with cancer; and we take it one day at a time.

During this time of quarantine and shelter in place; we encourage you to tackle tasks you once couldn’t find the time for. Reading, movie watching, writing, finding organizations/groups you’d like to connect with and help when you are able. Campaign One at a Time encourages you and welcomes groups and individuals wanting to get involved. We encourage you to visit our Spread Good Squad page for further information regarding our volunteer application.