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July 2021
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A message from Siri :

“I started the Waves Of Change program as a goal to impact causes that were doing good for the world but also as a way for others, who wanted to associate with a community of Do-Gooders, to have some fun and connect with empathetic and like-minded people all while helping great causes. The program supports a variety of causes, associations, and charities by bringing people together through various events and giving opportunities. For our next campaign, we’ve chosen to support Campaign OAAT to help more kids fighting life-threatening illnesses. 

Working closely with OAAT over the last few years I’ve come to appreciate the power of one’s mind more than I ever have before. Often in the world of cancer and deadly illnesses, mental health is the last thing on anyone’s mind. Watching how positively OAAT impacts families has been a humbling experience for me. Especially the end-of-life experiences that help build positive memories for those left behind. It’s an unimaginable pain but OAAT gives a sliver of joy and hope and a sense of renewed strength. They fan the flames of one’s will, the will to fight and the will to pick up the pieces when the outcome is the loss of a family member. That is why we’re making a pledge to help more kids and their families alongside OAAT through our Waves Of Change community.
Help me and my community of amazing individuals make a positive change in the world of kids who are fighting life-threatening illnesses by donating to our Waves Of Change program in Collaboration with and to support OAAT.”

$ 7,465.00 Fundraised

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