TEAM CHLOEBEARSTRONG – One At a Time – Save a Life. Change a Life. One At A Time.

Teammates :
Chris, Michelle, Christian, Kenzie, Chloe and Colton
Start Date :
July 2021
Pledge Amount :


“We chose to join Campaign OAAT on their mission to raise $500k in honor of our Daughter Chloe. Chloe was diagnosed with AML, Leukemia, just days after her 1st birthday. Until then, Chloe was the happiest, healthiest little girl in the world. Oct 6th 2020 would be what I thought, the worst day of my life. Our whole world would be turned upside down.
What people don’t realize is 1 out of 285 kids will be diagnosed with cancer. 46 kids are diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. everyday. Despite this, funding for Pediatric Cancer is less than 4% of the National Cancer Institutes budget. It’s our job as parents to protect our children, yet we as a society are choosing to look the other way while thousands and thousands of kids each year face devastating treatments made for adults and all of them have life long side affects from treatment.
Our Daughter Chloe passed away at 19 months old on May 6 2021, exactly 7 months after being admitted. Chloe should not have had to spend 1/3rd her existence fighting for her life. 212 days in a hospital room, confined to a bed. NO child should have to endure this. Our government failed my daughter and society is allowing it to happen. If our children are the future then why aren’t we making them the priority.
We are hoping to further advance Campaign OAAT mission in helping families be able to create memories. We also hope we can help create real change in awareness and bring attention to the lack of funding for research and treatments so that the families of tomorrow don’t have to endure the heartaches we live with today. 
We love you ChloeBear.”

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