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Robert Gonzalez

Board Member, Founder and COO of MyBooks.PRO

Robert Gonzalez is the founder and COO of MyBooks.PRO, a profitability and bookkeeping company that works with realtors, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. Robert has been growing people and businesses personally, professionally, and financially for almost 15 years. He started his journey as a sales rep in 2005 and was quickly promoted into management. By 2009, he owned and operated a sales franchise in Northern California where he was not only responsible for training but also, the profitability of the business.His knowledge and skillset in profitability grew rapidly. He was running payroll, doing bookkeeping, and analyzing reports for the business. Within three years, the business was over $1,000,000 in annual revenue. Robert started consulting in 2014 when he helped grow a startup company’s revenue from $1 Million to $10 Million annually within two years. He began coaching other businesses and became QuickBooks Online certified in 2017. When Robert isn’t working with numbers, you can find him with his wife, Natalie, traveling or enjoying a delightful restaurant. He’s been to over 15 countries; his favorites being Hungary, Spain, Germany, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, and Ireland. Robert is also a football enthusiast and a semi-professional bowler. He has bowled 20 perfect 300 games!