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Mission : Disneyland!

Nikolai is a 6 year old from Santa Clara, CA. Nikolai is incredibly funny. It is his main mission to make you laugh. He's incredibly smart and loving. Nikolai’s journey started when complained of back pain and uncontrollable vomiting. His family headed straight to the ER where they set up an MRI.

He was later on diagnosed with Medulloblastoma Myc Amplification grade 4. His cancer was so rare they had to make up new treatment protocol just for him. He also lost the ability to walk, talk, use the bathroom on his own and use his hands. It's taken a year to get to where he is now. He's learning to walk again and able to do most of the things he liked to do before the diagnosis.

We are on a mission is to raise $5,000 in the month of December to send Nikolai and his family on a dream trip to Disneyland where they can make more memories OUTSIDE of the hospital.


What's it going to take?

It will cost $5,000 to fulfill our goal to cover the costs of Nikolai's trip to Disneyland.

If just 50 people gave $100, we would reach this goal!

Any funds raised exceeding Nikolai's goal will go towards our dream bank, to help more kids like Nikolai.

Goal: $5,000

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