Say hello to our 34th campaign kid, Mikey!


Say hello to our 34th campaign kid, Mikey!

Mission : #Theme Park

Michael is a brave 4 year old from Oakland, CA. His smile is so contagious and infectious, his personality makes him stand out in a room full of people.

Michael’s journey started when they got home from daycare, as they were sitting outside on the front porch his mom noticed a lump bulging on Michael’s neck. His mom thought that she was just seeing things and called Michael’s dad to check and they were sure it was a lump.

They went to a primary care office and ENT doctor but they were unable to determine what the lump might be. They were then referred to Lucille children's Packard hospital for a biopsy and was later on diagnosed with Neuroblastoma.

Michael is currently in chemotherapy and he was scheduled for surgery but the tumor isn't responding and has shrunk in with but not in length

Our mission is to raise $5,000 to get Michael to bring a theme park in the comfort of his own home. From the characters to the food, we want to bring Michael the full experience of visiting his favorite theme parks.


What's it going to take?

It will cost $5000 to fulfill our goal to give Mikey the full experience of being in a theme park in his own home!

If just 200 people gave $25, we would reach this goal!

Any funds raised exceeding Mikey's goal will go towards our dream bank, to help more kids like Mikey.

And the best part?

If you donate $20 today, we will send you a limited edition #TeamMikey bracelet!

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