Mission : Dinosaur National Monument

Jocelyn is a 9 year old from San Marcos, CA. She has a deep compassion for others and made a decision that she wanted to give back to others and be an advocate for childhood cancer. Jocelyn’s journey began when her family took a vacation, but towards the end of the trip Jocelyn had developed a really bad cough. She was then diagnosed with Bronchitis and started on an antibiotic right away.

Later in the year, Jocelyn pointed out that she had a lump on the side of her neck. It was a swollen lymph node that was hard, not palatable, and not tender to the touch. They saw Jocelyn’s pediatrician who diagnosed Jocelyn with a sinus infection, but her mom who battled cancer herself knew that a hard lymph node that wasn’t tender wasn’t normal. Jocelyn was dealing with on and off fevers, and it was then when her mom made the decision to take her to the hospital to have her blood work done. They found out that she had a mass in her lungs that was pressing against her heart, and Jocelyn was later diagnosed with cell acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Our mission is to raise $10,000 in the month of May to send Jocelyn and her family on a camping trip to the Dinosaur National Monument in Jensen, UT

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What's it going to take?

It will cost $10,000 to fulfill our goal to cover the costs of Jocelyn's trip to the Dinosaur National Monument in Jensen, UT with her family.

If just 250 people gave $40, we would reach this goal!

Any funds raised exceeding Jocelyn's goal will go towards our dream bank, to help more kids like Jocelyn.

And the best part?

If you donate $20 today, we will send you a limited edition #JocelynStrong bracelet!

Goal: $10,000

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