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Mission : Disney World!

Thiago is a 6 year old from Anna, TX. Thiago is incredibly smart. He can identify different types of sharks and he knows the names of all types of construction vehicles. Thiago’s journey started when his mother began noticing some “Red dots” on his back and neck and some bruising on his leg. Thiago was taken to his PCP to check on the “Red dots”. The PCP’s colleague insisted that what Thiago had was just a rash from scratching too hard but his PCP on the other hand was having second thoughts, and that’s when the words “possibly cancer” came out of her mouth.

Thiago got some blood work done, per his PCP’s request. The next day, his mother got the call that no parent should ever get. The PCP’s secretary’s exact words were “Mom. I’m sorry. It is extremely important that you take your son to the ER at the Children’s Hospital in Dallas. He has leukemia and it’s a matter of life or death.” Thiago was brought to the ER and he was later on diagnosed with High risk Pre-B ALL.

Thanks to all of YOU, we have reached our $5,000 fundraising goal to send Thiago and his family on a dream trip to Disney World and Give Kids the World Village where they can make more memories OUTSIDE of the hospital! Thiago plans on going on his dream trip this October in celebration of his birthday!


What's it going to take?

It will cost $5,000 to fulfill our goal to cover the costs of Thiago's trip to Disney World and Give Kids the World Village.

Thiago's campaign goal has been reached!

All funds raised in Thiago's name going forward will go towards our dream bank to help more children live out their dreams!

Goal Completed

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