Say Hello to our 36th campaign kid, Brianna!


Say Hello to our 36th campaign kid, Brianna!

Mission : #Model For A Day

Brianna is an 8 year old from Miami, Florida. She’s a positive kid and a fighter. Brianna’s journey started when She came home from swimming class and had the urge to use the bathroom. After using the bathroom she calls her uncle to show him that she was bleeding.

They ended up taking her to the hospital and the doctors noticed a large mass on her left kidney, she was diagnosed Stage 4 Wilms Tumor. The tumor was so big it also damaged her kidney. She went through surgery to remove the Tumor along with the left kidney.

Brianna went into remission in 2019, but unfortunately she had a relapse last March 2020. She is currently fighting lung cancer, a tumor near her heart and another tumor grew in the same area her left kidney was once located.

Our mission is to raise $5,000 to have Brianna become a model for a day and also cover medical expenses for 1 year

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What's it going to take?

It will cost $5000 to fulfill our goal to give Juan the Bass Guitar, Amplifier, and Bass lessons to fulfill his dream of learning how to play it.

If just 200 people gave $25, we would reach this goal!

Any funds raised exceeding Juan's goal will go towards our dream bank, to help more kids like Juan.

And the best part?

If you donate $20 today, we will send you a limited edition #TeamJuan bracelet!

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