Become a Change Maker – One At a Time – Save a Life. Change a Life. One At A Time.

Our #ChangeMaker’s are passionate about impacting their community and being part of something bigger than themselves. We give what we can and get to be part of the lives of families impacted by pediatric cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

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It’s more than a donation, it’s about real impact.

Our #ChangeMakers don’t just passively donate every month. Our #ChangeMakers are a close knit group that know just how important our involvement is in these children’s lives. We’re passionate, dedicated, and committed to bringing more awareness to our community.

What to expect when joining;

Community #ChangeMaker

-Donors who pledge $1 per day ($30 per month)
-Involved in volunteer meet ups
-Access to online community

Impact #ChangeMaker

-Donors who pledge $250+ per month
-All the benefits of the community changemaker
-Access to annual retreat.
-Access to mastermind groups with local and national changemakers

Corporate #ChangeMaker

Businesses that pledge to contribute monthly and get their team members involved in impacting the cause.

"Growing up with a family member that needed extra attention, I knew what it felt like to be going through something difficult that you couldn't control. I knew that it was the whole family that was affected and that it would take the family's strength and support system to get us through whatever was in front of us. I just wanted other people to care, to help, and to try and treat us normally. It’s extremely important to me to try and positively impact as many people as possible. Whether it’s big or small, any difference I can make, I want to be part of positive change, and I want to set that example for my family."

Nick & Chiell Ordoñez | Members since 2018 - Orange County, CA

"I’m a changemaker because I want some of my charitable giving to be on autopilot and it’s important to me because I value making the world a better place. I’m a changemaker because I have more than I need and this program gives me a way to help others month in and month out."

Andrew Peluso | Member since 2016 - Los Angeles, CA


Kaige Miller

Trang Anh T.

Jamie Schlenker


Brenda Delgadillo


Margo R.

Donna B.

Francis V.


Melissa G.

Angie S.

Brittney Odion

Flore B.

Adriana Moreno


Rachael Harris-Brown

Tabita L.

Mark M.

Angie G.


Sheila T.

Dominic J.

Erlinda O.

Brodi Nicholas

Kadie Smeja

Richard G.

Theresa H.C.

Anonymous Donor 1

Robert G.

Providentia Insurance Soln’s.

Margarita Laverde

Anthony Moreno

Andrew Peluso

Patricia R Esquivel


Jared Almazan

Anna L McKennon

Adam W.

Amy P.

Alexis L.

Aimee B.


Carin M.

Kimberly Reyes

Susan O.

Chris Martinez


Candyce R.

Robyn R.

Kristi Buckner

Joseph G.

Nick & Chiell Ordoñez

Jackie Bondanza

Valerie S.

Rosaria K.

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