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Northern California Couple Donates Puppy To 3-Year-Old Brain Cancer Patient

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Alex and Amber Gray, residents of Herald, CA were in for some extra fun during the COVID pandemic; PUPPIES!! 9 to be exact!

A few months ago, the couple decided they would breed their 2-year-old female lab, with their friend’s male lab, to bring a fun litter of new puppies to the world. Just three days after the litter arrived, Amber and Alex were posting on a community Facebook page, when they were tagged by a couple of friends on someone else’s post. That someone else was Brodi Nicholas, founder of nonprofit Campaign One At A Time. Brodi had just posted on his Facebook page that Campaign One At A Time planned to host a fundraiser for a 3-year-old brain cancer patient to fulfill his dream of receiving a new puppy, and they were on the search for a lab breeder on the west coast.

In 2018, Campaign One At A Time sponsored 14-year-old Rocky, of Lockeford, Ca and his parents have stayed in close contact with the organization, so when Brodi posted that they were looking for lab breeders, they instantly reached out to Amber and Alex after their friend Shannan tagged them in the post. The next day, Brodi and Alex jumped on the phone and when Brodi asked how much the puppy would cost, Alex let him know that he and Amber would like to donate the puppy. Without ever meeting Brodi or the little boy this puppy would go to, Amber and Alex put their faith in the process and chose to spread good.

This past weekend, The Spread Good Squad picked up the 8-week old puppy and delivered it to Josiah; a 3-year-old brain cancer patient of Victorville, Ca. The instant joy the puppy brought him, his sister, and the rest of their family was truly priceless. The puppy, now known as “Bear” will begin training to become an emotional support animal next week, with the hopes of becoming a fully certified service dog by the end of 2021.

It’s campaigns like these that just bring that extra bit of joy to your heart. From a couple so selfless to donate and cover the initial costs of a new puppy to a cancer family during a pandemic, to another cancer family, who was once sponsored by Campaign One At A Time, continuing to pay it forward and connect the dots to help another family in need. It’s truly beautiful.

We will be releasing a full episode highlighting Josiah’s campaign in this season of The Spread Good Squad. Be sure to subscribe by clicking here, and stay tuned for more spread good feel good updates.

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