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As another year passes us by, everyone has a different way of reflecting on their 2017. Some people like to start with a clean slate, not ever looking back and only focusing on the future, while others like to look back at what they’ve achieved in the past year, smile, and get excited for what’s to come in 2018. Here at One At A Time, we are definitely smiling and are so excited for what the new year has in store!

This past year has been filled with success, smiles, uphill battles, challenges, and a whole lot of spreading good. Some of our most exciting moments in 2017 came from our Spread Good Squad members! We were blown away by how many volunteers were so passionate about impacting their communities and helping others. We recently interviewed some of our volunteers and they shared how being part of the “Spread Good Squad” has affected them personally, and what they thought about the program in general.  

Tre Risher is one of our Spread Good Squad members out in Austin, Texas. He shared that being part of the Spread Good Squad was an uplifting experience he definitely wants to revisit in the future. Tre helped us host a toy drive out in Austin, that benefited the children at Dell Children’s Medical Center Of Central Texas. Tre’s part in the event was to promote the toy drive, set up the toy drop off points, gather all the toys, and deliver them to Dell Children’s on Christmas Eve. Tre explained to us that it was far more successful than he had planned. “I never thought we’d get that many donations! It was great.” Tre expressed his gratitude for being able to be part of the “Spread Good Squad” and cannot wait to lend a helping hand with OAAT again.

Laura Lanoire is one of our Spread Good Squad members from Columbus, Indiana. She expressed being part of the Spread Good Squad as “an act of fate.” When OAAT was featured on the Hallmark channel, Laura was watching and thought Brodi’s words were very moving! She instantly thought to look him up on Facebook, which led to a phone call with him later that day. Laura says that at the time, she knew of a child that we should run a campaign for, named Martin; whom later became our 5th campaign sponsored youth, due to Laura’s willingness to reach out to us. “I just knew I had to give OAAT a call, and knew they could help that little boy!” Laura says. Laura got OAAT in contact with Martin’s family and was a big part of planning the benefit concert we hosted for him out in Indiana. She also helped take pictures and manage the activities the day of the concert. Laura herself, also faced some uphill battles along the way, losing her brother right before the launch of Martin’s campaign. She explained that OAAT’s spread of good hope and spirits has motivated her to start her own business, in honor of her brother, where she has decided to make donations to non-profit organizations, like OAAT!   

CJ George is a Spread Good Squad member we have in Miami, Florida. CJ says he became involved with the Spread Good program when Brodi reached out to him via social media. That’s when they both noticed just how similar their goals were, in helping others. Due to their findings, they decided to team up and deliver what they called, “Blessing Bags,” to families that were currently fighting pediatric cancers in Southern Florida. Each blessing bag had the groceries necessary to make a family meal on Thanksgiving. With this event, and the conjoined efforts of both teams, they were able to successfully deliver over 200 Blessing Bags to families across Southern Florida! CJ expressed that, “whether it means me flying out to Cali or Brodi and the team flying out to South Florida, or us meeting somewhere else in the world, I am looking forward to the next Spread Good project we collaborate on.”

These amazing individuals are just a few of the volunteers we have spreading good across the United States. We are so grateful for the overwhelming amount of support OAAT is continually granted and it makes us very happy to see that one volunteer at a time, we are spreading more and more good in this world! As CJ George puts it, “When you are able to team up with people who have the same mindset, it not only enables you to achieve more but also inspires and encourages you to keep moving forward in your mission.”


Learn more about our Spread Good Squad.

Photo: CJ George at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital

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