Ethan The Warrior

A couple weeks ago, a few of our Spread Good Squad members got to go visit Ethan in the hospital while he was being admitted for chemo. We’ve spent a lot of time with Ethan at his home and at his one day appointments, but this was the first time we would experience spending time with Ethan while he was being admitted for multiple days. This stay was estimated to be about a week. 

To our team, this seemed like such a big and somewhat intimidating process for Ethan and his mom; packing all of your clothes and food for a week, not exactly knowing when you’ll get to go back home, and knowing that Ethan will be going through so many procedures and tests while he’s here. It seems like a lot, but to Ethan and his mom, this was just another day. Sometimes its hard for us to believe that so many of these cancer families are “used to” living in the hospital; for days, weeks, months, and for some, even years.  

This visit really put a lot into perspective for our team. The strength and optimism that Ethan and his mom hold for their current situation and life in general is nothing short of inspiring. We are so grateful for the opportunity to spend such quality time with these little warriors and their families. When visiting Ethan, our visits usually consist of a lot of videogames, Lego building, and a whole bunch of stories and laughs. The joy we get out of bringing a sense of normalcy to Ethan during a time and place that’s anything but is truly priceless. 

You can learn more about Ethan and his journey at and follow our visits with him and other children on our Instagram @campaignoaat

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