Child Cancer Awareness

For many, September is the month of change; fall starts to set in, the holidays start to come about, and the cold seeps into the air.

For some, the cold seeps in, but in a rather distinct manner. For many families, September represents the reality of childhood cancer. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and it allows people to shed some light on what so many resilient children go through. It also serves as a reminder to those who do not suffer through it, to be aware of what this harsh reality entails for some.

Throughout the year, Pediatric Cancer research gets less than four percent of federal government cancer research funding, which makes it all the more difficult to move forward with finding better treatment methods. (Visit this link for further info on pediatric funding and facts: ) September brings a sense of motivation and encouragement to those willing to do a little extra to spread awareness and make an impact. It’s our time, as a society, to come together and show our support for the families battling childhood cancer.

There are plenty of ways to get involved within your community to express your love and support. Groups host large events in honor of childhood cancer awareness, that bring communities together and help raise funds. Within most communities, there are groups who focus solely on this and are always looking for extra hands to help. Below are just a few links that will direct you to events local in your area. These links allow you to punch in your zip code and provide you with more information on where to go, and what to do to get involved; and to even start your own fundraising event. These sites make it simple and easy to do your part; by starting your own event, you can help spread the word and build a steady funding source for donations directly through a supporting organization!

Along with events, there are also various organizations you can donate to that raise money for not only cancer, but specifically for childhood cancer. Children’s Cause Cancer Advocacy is an organization that allows you to choose between a monthly donation, quarterly donation, or a one time donation. American Childhood Cancer Association is also a very well-known organization that serves childhood cancer patients.

As a society, I believe it is our responsibility to pave the way for our younger generations, and that starts by supporting them where they need it most. You can make a huge difference in others’ lives by doing your research, finding an organization to support, and lending a helping hand.

Your input and help matters!

Even though is it officially October, we can continue to show our support for our families battling childhood cancer; their battle goes far beyond the month of September.

We were so happy to host multiple events this past September for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Have an idea for a future event or? Or maybe you’d like to help us with one of ours? We’d love to hear from you! Please fill out our volunteer application at

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