A Couple Making Change

We’ve had the opportunity of meeting some amazing #ChangeMaker’s over the years, but Nick and Chiell Ordonez may be the first couple we’ve ever had that have been so involved together in our organization. Aside from both running successful businesses, being parents to their 10 month old daughter Evey, and traveling the world, Nick and Chiell always make it a point to give back; and not just financially. Although they are corporate #ChangeMakers who donate monthly, they do so much more for OAAT. They’re truly part of our team.

When they’re not planning or sponsoring OAAT’s next Southern California event, you can always find these two finding a way to give a helping hand to OAAT so that we can help more children battling cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

Chiell and Nick met 10 years ago, and have been supporting OAAT for 2 years. A portion of all proceeds from their business go towards helping OAAT grow.

Nick has always been interested in giving back. He grew up with a brother with Down Syndrome and experienced firsthand how it was living with certain limitations. As Nick has grown up and become successful, he has found that success didn’t really fulfill him as much as making an impact on people’s lives did. Nick feels that the impact they can make on other people’s lives is the most important thing they can do. Just saying hi to someone who’s having a bad day or just hanging out with someone for a few hours is Nick’s favorite thing to do. When Nick heard about OAAT, he just felt like it was the perfect thing to get into and he’s very happy about it.

Chiell comes from a big family, and being around a lot of people and helping wherever she can makes her happy. She wanted to take what she loves about being around family and also be able to give back to people, which OAAT has been a great fit for.

Chiell and Nick joined our Spread Good Squad when we went to feed the patients and their families at Children’s Hospital Orange County this past May. Here’s what they had to say about their experience; “Seeing all the people going through hard times and still be happy, it makes you realize money and success isn’t really everything. It’s family and friends and important people in your life. Being able to feed the families at the hospital is inspiring and that’s why we’re part of it and we want to continue to be a part of this.” -Chiell & Nick

What was your favorite part?”

“Seeing the kids smile. The kids who didn’t want broccoli because they don’t like vegetables was really funny and really cool. Seeing the other volunteers get involved is inspiring.” -Nick

Being parents now, and seeing other parents with their kids being sick; It’s humbling to be a parent and see their different struggles and different situations, and to see that they’re there for their children and the sacrifices they make to take care of their child and make them happy. The child is happy and they don’t really know what it’s like not to be sick. It’s just amazing to see. I just wanna help and do whatever I can to put a smile on their face.” -Chiell

“What would you say to someone wanting to spread good?”

“There’s no reason not to. You’re doing good for other people and it’s doing good for you. There’s no real reason not to other than the time your spending, but there’s no better way to spend your time than by helping people.” – Nick

We are so grateful to have Chiell and Nick as members of our Spread Good Squad, and we are so excited to see what they do next.

To learn more about about how to become #ChangeMaker’s like Chiell and Nick, click here.

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