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Cameron Harris- Brown; a name you could see as any other ordinary name. It could be any name; it could be anyone, but it isn’t. Cameron was one of a kind- the kind that had his own struggles and hit his own rock bottom but was more focused on making sure others were staying afloat. At just seventeen years old Cameron had touched the lives of many and had given back to his community in a way some of us haven’t done in a whole lifetime. His motive was people, and he did anything in his power to be of service to those around him. 

He was diagnosed at such a young age with stage four colorectal cancer. Knowing from day one what his outcome might be, Cameron did not slow down- instead, he sped up. Cameron was in high school, and reportedly a bright, smiling, and a genuine young man in class. His teachers expressed looking forward to seeing his smiling face as he walked through the doors of their classroom. He was the definition of “lighting up the room” and he lit up every room ever so humbly. Led by authenticity and his faith, Cameron did anything and everything wholeheartedly and all with love. 

Once diagnosed Cameron was given a Make A Wish. His wish was to have a bus restored. Cameron and his mom had acquired an old bus and made plans to gut it, restore it, and prepare the bus for regular outings in their local community in order to serve those in need. The plans had been made, the donations had started coming in, but just as the donations came in- so did his diagnosis. For a small-time, it threw a dent into their plans, but it never stopped Cameron.  

He and his mom had been going out several days out of the week to give free hair cuts and personal hygiene products to those without a home in their local area. Before their idea to incorporate a bus, they had been doing this out of their own personal vehicle. Driving around, setting up their on the go hair care services, and building relationships with those that needed their help. These people had come to know, love, and appreciate Cameron and his family and for some, were all they had to look forward to. After Cameron’s diagnosis, his ability to go out and help others in his community slowed down and his absence has been felt.

Once Cameron had adjusted to being on treatment and was able to withstand daily life while undergoing harsh chemotherapy and other meds, he and his mom set out to make a difference once again. When OAAT met Cameron, he knew exactly what he needed help with. His small, from home activity, then turned into a big, aspiring dream that he was determined to make a reality. Cameron was going to turn his community service project “Love Thy Neighbor,” into a Non- profit with the intention to help as many people as he could; far beyond his own local community. When asked exactly what his goal was, Cameron answered, “to help as many people as I can, before I can’t help anyone anymore.” Hearing that from Cameron helped us better understand his true determination and self-humbling desire to do more for others. 

Cameron was able to see his dream come true and have his humble project be finalized as a Non- profit. Unfortunately, he was unable to see his Love Thy Neighbor bus come into effect, but we cannot wait to see it get going and keep the love that Cameron had in doing work from the heart. Cameron fought a fight with all he had, loving everyone until the end, and showing us all what it means to give your all for a good cause. We now live life knowing what it looks like to live selflessly, full of love, and humbly making a mark within the lives of others- thanks to Cameron and the impact he had on us. 

We thank you, Cameron, for all that you taught us, shared with us, and allowed us to be a part of. You will forever live in our hearts and we will continue to see your authenticity and passion thrive through the success of the legacy that you started. We will all- live like Cameron.