Visiting A Warrior

This past November, we had the opportunity to meet a little boy named Felix, who was spending the holidays in the hospital due to his battle with bone marrow failure. As my girlfriend Kadie and I were getting out of the car, I looked over his interests via his holiday gift giving application and saw he liked Nerf guns, super heroes, and Hot Wheels. As we checked into the hospital and made our way up to his room, I thought to myself; I sure hope these few toys are enough.

The smile on his face when he opened that first super hero toy eliminated any doubt that I could have had. I’ve gotten so used to presenting children with big trips, activities, and larger gifts that I forgot how much it meant to a child for us to just be there to spend quality time time with them, and to just bring them anything at all. It was so exhilarating to see his imagination run wild as he launched the action figure across his bed while telling us countless stories about all of the super heroes he knows.

This experience again reminded me of how far such a small amount of money and time can go. Every dollar raised, truly leads to another smile made. Thank you so much to everyone who continues to help OAAT thrive.

All the best,
Brodi Nicholas
Founder & CEO

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