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OAAT Child Updates

Someone once said, “You, are your only limit. Only you stop yourself from succeeding!”

Our last few campaign kids have shown us, just that! Our last three campaign kids have been: Taylor, Martin, and Austin. All three have shown us what it looks like to face obstacles, to push through, and most importantly, what it looks like to smile through it!

Taylor is doing phenomenal! She is currently back to school and going full time. Taylor and her family have high hopes that she may even be able to join dance again! Since May is her last month of treatment, Tay’s last three-month cycle has been scheduled and the countdown has begun! Once May rolls around, she will only need to be seen 2 more years for follow- up blood work and scans to ensure there is no chance for a relapse. Taylor is doing well and smiling brighter than ever!

Martin, whom also fought a fight that was unimaginable, also showed us what it’s like to face an obstacle and take it head-on. Unfortunately, Martin passed away on January 17th of this year. Martin showed us what it was like to live every single day to the fullest. Although he was only given 3-6 months to live, Martin was able to live a whole year past his diagnosis date. Martin gave everyone a sense of happiness every day, and lived a life that left a great story behind. Our thoughts and condolences are with his loved ones.

Austin is doing amazing! He was able to put some weight on and is currently undergoing treatment. He is seen twice a month for chemo and lab work but has been blessed with high

blood levels so far. Austin takes advantage of those high levels by playing with friends and family! He is currently tutored at home rather than attending school, due to the high flu risk, but

he continues to shine through it all!

Our campaign kids are what makes One At A Time happen. We love looking back and checking in, and hearing all of their amazing stories. We hope their smiles are just as contagious for you guys, as they are for us. Although not all of our child updates are as happy as we’d like them to be, we find so much peace in being able to share their stories and let their courageous personalities live on. These kids show us first hand that any hardship is worth pushing through.

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