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Give A Gift That Gives This Holiday Season

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Ok so let’s start with, who doesn’t LOVE candles?!

Let’s all be honest. We may have one or two, or seven friends/family members that we plan to give candles to this year. How cool would it be if you knew that every candle you gifted, helped provide joy and support for a child battling cancer? EXACTLY!

Kass Candle Co. is a Rocklin founded candle company who has made it part of their mission to give back. Giving back is incredibly important to Mariah & Kayla Kasabasich, and really is the whole reason they started their business. Mariah and Kayla wanted to find a way to build an audience and educate people on different foundations and teach people how to use their platform for good.

“A lot of people want to give back, but just don’t know how to or they don’t know what foundations are out there to donate to.”

-Mariah & Kayla

Although Kass Candle Co. is extremely new; founded in August of 2020, this was no excuse not to give back right away. While some companies wait months, sometimes even years to start thinking about giving back, Mariah and Kayla made it their mission from the start to use their platform for social good.

“We don’t view our audience as just “followers” or “customers.” When I log onto Instagram and see that our follower’s count is increasing by dozens every day, we see it as an opportunity to change more lives and to educate more people.” – Mariah

Since their founding, Kass Candle Co. has fundraised and spread awareness for multiple organizations, such as Black Lives Matter, The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and the Armenia Fund, amongst others. They have certain candles that represent a different cause, and this month, they have pledged to donate $1 from EVERY candle sale in December to Campaign One At A Time!

Being Rocklin founded ourselves, this collaboration has an extra special place in our hearts. Be sure to check out all of their different selections when shopping for your loved ones(or yourself 😎) this holiday season by visiting

Shop local. Support local. Spread Good.