What percentage of my donation goes to the cause?
100% of all bracelet sales and merchandise/apparel donations we receive go directly to the cause(after processing fees). During a child’s campaign, 100% of donations raised for that specific child go directly to the costs of their campaign and bringing them the ultimate joy. These types of donations never go towards administrative, managerial, or payroll expenses. All of the proceeds we raise through our events, Agents Of Change Program, and corporate donations go directly to the costs of the business, as well as to the activities and surprises we set up for the children we work with. As of January 1st, 2019, general donations are split 50/50. 50% go directly to the cause, and 50% go towards helping us continue to grow our organization (after processing fees). For a more detailed breakdown of where every penny goes, please feel free to view our financial activities By clicking here.

What do you guys do with the children?
We do a variety of different activities with the children we sponsor. Depending on the status of their health, we take them to events, teach them how to play instruments, and spend quality time with them in the hospital and at their homes with their families. We help to fuel their hobbies and passions while in their current state. We also host events and giving projects across the United States where multiple children and families are positively impacted.

How long is a campaign?
Campaigns last anywhere from one week to 6 weeks. Our campaign lengths have varied over time as we’ve tested new methods, but they all serve the same purpose; to provide personal and quality time with the child while fulfilling them with an item, activity, or experience they have wished for.

How often do you sponsor a child?
As of January 1st, 2019, we have a goal to sponsor AT LEAST one child per month. We are hoping to continue testing our weekly campaigns as well.

How can I submit my child or a child I know of to become a OAAT sponsored youth?
We love hearing new stories and are always on the lookout to sponsor new children! We are currently looking for a child in the Indianapolis area, but would still love to hear about any other little warriors out there. Please fill out an application here: Youth Application

How can I become a volunteer?
We are always so excited to hear about others wanting to give back and be apart of our team. We have a variety of different ways you can help. Fill out an application here: Volunteer Application

I’m having trouble making a donation online. What should I do?

The first thing we can suggest is for you to clear your browser cache. Also please make sure that your browser is up to date before placing the donation.

If you are still having trouble completing your donation, please send a screen shot of the error that is occurring and any notes to support@campaignoaat.org

Where do I send check donations?

You can send check donations to this address below:

Campaign One At A Time
2620 Associated Road A98
Fullerton, Ca 92835

If you are looking to donate towards a specific campaign, please mention it in the memo section. For example #MaddysMatch Campaign

I want to make a donation over the phone, who do I call?

You can call us directly at (916)345-0255.

Have more questions?
Feel free to contact us!