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Fantasy Pop Artist Traci Hines Dedicates Latest Song To Children’s Charity

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Finding a way to give back through the pandemic

Almost exactly a year ago to date, singer-songwriter Traci Hines decided she wanted to use her talents to give back while the world around her was shutting down. In March of 2020, California, along with many other cities around the world, solidified a stay-at-home order to help slow the spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic. For Traci and so many others, this meant no more restaurant outings, concerts, or casual hangouts with friends. The sad reality of this whole situation is there are thousands of children every year that have to live this isolated lifestyle, whether there is a pandemic going on or not. For kids battling illnesses, such as cancer, or mitochondrial disease, days inside away from friends and family is all they know.


When Traci heard about Campaign One At A Time and our mission to ensure no child battling a severe illness ever feels alone, she knew exactly how to help! Although we could no longer meet with the children in person, we COULD set up virtual visits! Multiple times a week, Traci would dress up as the children’s favorite characters and sing them their favorite songs, all through Zoom! This led to so many smiles and memories being made for so many children across the US, while being stuck inside their home or hospital room.


About a month after Traci started volunteering with Campaign One At A Time, she wrote her new song Princess Hangout. The song is about princesses all over the world, being isolated from each other physically, but finding a way to hang out virtually just as she has done with so many kids across the country. Not only did Traci write and record her new song in the midst of the pandemic, but she also built an international cast and crew to shoot and produce a music video to it! Every single person in her new music video self recorded and shot their own footage(some with the help of family), all from their own homes; yes, that means no studios! The project is beyond impressive, but the most magical part about it is, Traci dedicated the whole project to all of the kids at Campaign One At A Time. She has also launched a YouTube fundraiser attached to her music video, with a goal to raise $5,000 for Campaign One At A Time’s Dream Bank!


Anyone who makes a donation of ANY amount by Friday, March 5th will be featured in Traci’s upcoming video, which is a sing-along to Princess Hangout! You can view Traci’s new music video Princess Hangout and learn more about her backstory, why she is so passionate about spreading good, and how to make a contribution by clicking the video below!