Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: History of The Gold Ribbon

During the duration of September, Childhood Cancer Awareness month, something seen quite often is the gold ribbon.

People see the gold ribbon as a symbol for a number of things. Many people see it as a sign of support and hope for a special child in their life who may be battling cancer.

The gold ribbon has made its way through history and is commonly used to this day.

The gold ribbon started many years ago during the Iran hostage negotiations. A ribbon was used to show support and hope during that trying time in many people’s lives.

Since then, ribbons of all colors have been used in order to show our support for a number of different occasions.

Pink for breast cancer, liver cancer is green, grey for brain cancer, and so on.

Gold is not only for the month of September, but overall is a symbol of support for children fighting any type of cancer. It stands as a general color, covering all cancer battles (for children) in one ribbon.

All of us at One At A Time know how important it is to show our support and allow our campaign kids and families to feel supported and keep hope within their heart during their cancer battle.

We all show our support for those battling through childhood cancer. Will you do your part and show your support?

You can have a gold ribbon literally anywhere! The gold ribbon has been used as support for Childhood cancer patients for so long, and has been a worldwide effort – everyone is sure to know your cause of love and support!

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