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Cameron Harris- Brown; a name you could see as any other ordinary name. It could be any name; it could be anyone, but it isn’t. Cameron was one of a kind- the kind that had his own struggles and hit his own rock bottom but was more focused on making sure others were staying

Symbolized by a gold ribbon, September has been acknowledged as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This is the time where we give emphasis and take action for every child who has cancer and the need to fund positive experiences that oftentimes are end of life experiences for many children with cancer. While Childhood Cancer Awareness month

In this post, I am talking about heavy-duty drugs. Chemotherapy drugs create a full range of side-effects, and you, as a caretaker, have to provide your 'John Hancock' for their administration. That sounds crass, well maybe it is, but honestly, that's how it feels. Your child will die without these drugs, so why is the

I will be the first to admit that I never knew the impact childhood cancer could have on an individual or family. My first 'run-in' with cancer was right before the movies when employees passed around collection cans before previews began. Now, please don't get too upset with me here because I was about ten