The clock kept ticking. Just 12 hours left of 2021 and we still hadn't reached our goal for Brianna. We were actually still $1,600 away, but for whatever reason, I still had the utmost confidence that we were going to make it happen. Let me backtrack for a minute. December was absolutely crazy for OAAT, in every

As I sit here looking outside at the bare trees from the end of Fall, it reminds me of when my son passed. He passed in November. It was rather cold that day, and he died at 2am. On most days, I stay up until 2am still not knowing why. Maybe it's in my subconscious

This particular one took a while for me to think about, well, not the topic but realistically how to answer it. There is the elephant in the room any time someone's child has cancer, passed, or is medically complex in any way. That said, I wanted to think long and hard about what someone says

Cameron Harris- Brown; a name you could see as any other ordinary name. It could be any name; it could be anyone, but it isn’t. Cameron was one of a kind- the kind that had his own struggles and hit his own rock bottom but was more focused on making sure others were staying