If I don't address racial disparities, I'm doing a disservice to people of color. I am a White woman, so writing a blog about racial disparities somewhat made me uncomfortable. But I decided I need to come out of that comfort zone and address racial inequality because it is evident. Some are affected by the

I cannot say enough how important it is to make sure you are taking care of yourself. This doesn't necessarily mean that you're writing journals, practicing yoga, reading daily affirmations, going for walks, eating right, or any of those other things that we call self-care. Many people have difficulties completing daily self-care and creating new

It's incredible how reliant we become on chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation, and other treatments without even knowing it. When it comes to the end of treatment, it's almost the scariest part. You never realize that until it happens. So, why is it the worst part? It's the worst part because the crutches are taken away, and