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Children With Cancer Face ‘Nightmare Situation’ Chemo Shortage

Can Pfizer make enough chemo in time? That is the question circulating through the childhood cancer world right now; as it is vital in the treatment of many childhood cancers, including lymphomas, leukemias, and even brain tumors. Earlier this year, Teva Pharmaceuticals announced its intentions to discontinue making their generic version of Vincristine, the chemo […]

Something To Look Forward To

Kristi Buckner’s Giving Journey Kristi Buckner is a mother of three, an active real estate agent, a good friend to many, and one of the pioneers of our Agents Of Change Program. Kristi’s passion to give back started years before OAAT was even born. It started when Kristi’s mother was diagnosed with cancer at age […]

The #ChangeMaker Experience

A CEO’s Perspective Mike Moloney is the CEO and Founder of Filtergrade; a photo filter marketplace serving millions of users, which is based out of Boston, MA. Mike has been an OAAT supporter since late 2017, and Filtergrade is currently one of OAAT’s corporate sponsors. Earlier this month, we decided to send Mike out on […]

In Honor Of Khandise

We had 5 children lined up for our Spread Good Squad to visit once we arrived in the Philippines on April 8th, 2019; Xander, Christian, Jhehanie, Vinz, and Khandise. Unfortunately just hours after landing in Manila, we received a devastating phone call. At just one and a half years old, Khandise had passed away after […]

The OAAT Mindset

Andrew: “Did you leave the lights on last night?” Brodi: “No…”, as I flipped the car light switch from on to off. This is the situation Andrew and I found ourselves in on a chilly Thursday morning, the day of our Dana Farber Cancer Institute tour in Boston, MA. The problem was we weren’t in […]