Entries by Andrew Medizade

Agent of Change: Lisa Parks Ferro

Businesses in capitalist countries have one goal; compete against other business. This means whatever it takes to make more money and more customers than the competition. In order to achieve this, businesses have to hire great employees and services and help people only because they have to. Luckily, there are some business owners that help […]

The Ability To Be Included In A Minimalist Lifestyle!

Many people could agree that being included in a situation during their day can make them feel excited, curious, intrigued, maybe even sometimes awkward, or even frightened! However, when it ultimately comes down to it; we should feel included. Being included in a day to day venture makes you feel vulnerable and able to relate […]

Meet The Staff: Joseph Jones

  Positivity fills our mind and bodies whenever we give back to the community. We may do this by making a difference in someone’s life such as helping a stranger. The positive feelings we get from helping others comes about due to a special biological process that involves the mesolimbic system. This is the part […]