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A True Race To The Finish

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The clock kept ticking.

Just 12 hours left of 2021 and we still hadn’t reached our goal for Brianna. We were actually still $1,600 away, but for whatever reason, I still had the utmost confidence that we were going to make it happen.

Let me backtrack for a minute. December was absolutely crazy for OAAT, in every good way possible. We launched our first-ever virtual toy drive, and reached our goal of sponsoring over 100 families for the holidays! It was awesome for sure, but unfortunately, our monthly OAAT campaign just wasn’t getting as much traction as we had anticipated. Looking back, it totally makes sense, seeing we had so many other things going on with the holidays, but nonetheless, we were determined to make Brianna’s dream of becoming a model for a day a reality.

We were posting, we were sharing, we were tagging, and although we raised over $3,000 for Brianna’s campaign, we were much more than “just shy of our goal” going into New Year’s Eve. It was time to make some magic happen! Through multiple friends, and friends of friends, we were able to get to $4,000 raised by 8 pm, which was awesome, but still.. $1,000 to go with merely 4 hours left, on NEW YEAR’S EVE of all nights. Our marketing director Siri and I stayed online and kept posting and contacting people, while both hosting get-togethers at our separate homes.

As friends and family started to show up, we received an online inquiry saying that if we raised $500 more, they would match the remaining $500, which would mean we’d reach our goal! Siri(in San Francisco) and I(in Orange County) shared the news with our New Year’s Eve guests, and we raised the $500(we have awesome friends)!! We were so excited as we celebrated together via Facetime, but then.. 9 PM, 10 PM, 11 PM.. and we hadn’t heard from the prospective donor who pledged the remaining $500.

Both still online, we were at a standstill about what to do. We already celebrated the victory.. but we could NOT let that clock strike midnight without the goal being fully reached and accounted for. We went back to work. 11:30 PM struck and we were able to get the total up to $4,680. We were tapped out of resources as everyone was offline and spending time with family and friends for the ball drop. I stepped outside to bask in the defeat a bit, but also to reflect on how hard we tried. Two of my friends followed me outside and asked where we were at. I let them know we were $320 away and they looked at each other, then looked back at me, letting me know they’d each like to donate $160 so that we could reach the goal by midnight! As we all jumped for joy, we got a FaceTime call from Siri at 11:40 PM saying one of her friends just donated the final $320 and we hit the goal already! It was such a cool moment between all of us seeing how everyone was SO invested in making it happen for Brianna.

This will be a campaign I will NEVER forget. Not just because we reached our final campaign goal of 2020, making us undefeated for the first time in OAAT history(meaning we reached every single campaign fundraising goal we set out to complete in 2020), but more so because of how we made it happen. There were no big donors. It was just a bunch of amazing people coming together to be part of something bigger than themselves; the same way One At A Time started back in 2014. Everyone played such a massive role. I couldn’t be more proud, and thankful for everyone who was a part of it. A true race to the finish, but we did it.

Another dream fulfilled <3

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