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9 Year Old Brain Cancer Patient Surprised With Special SpaceX Delivery!

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Trenton, 9-year-old brain cancer patient of Santa Ana, Ca was one of the children Campaign One At A Time delivered a social distanced care package to last month in their collaboration with lifestyle brand, JETCET. This was the first in-person volunteer project Campaign One At A Time had hosted since the COVID-19 pandemic, and with some extra precautions, they were able to visit multiple kids across Orange County & Los Angeles.

While going through the children’s applications, Brodi noticed that in Trenton’s application, he showed interest in someday seeing a SpaceX rocket. This prompted Brodi to text his cousin, Don Nguyen, who works for SpaceX, to see if there is something special they could do for Trenton. With no hesitation, Don started looking into what he could do. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, SpaceX is currently not allowing visitors, but this didn’t stop Don from sending 9-year-old Trenton some very special SpaceX swag!

Yesterday, Campaign One At A Time was able to stop by Trenton’s home and deliver him his SpaceX package. Brodi shared with Trenton and his mom about Don working for SpaceX and Don sending the package, and Trenton’s eyes instantly lit up with excitement and questions about what Don does. It was so refreshing witnessing Trenton’s excitement for this special gift and visit. As we slowly start to transition into visiting children again, we are so thankful for our donors and supporters going the extra mile for our OAAT kids. Thank you Don!

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