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2021 Honorary Board Member!

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As Campaign One At A Time has continued to grow over the past year, our team knew we were missing something. We were missing a Warrior mom on our team. Someone who has actually gone through the pediatric cancer journey firsthand. Someone who could give us that perspective and insight on what families could benefit from and how to best support them during the most difficult times of their lives. We truly feel like we found the perfect person to fill that position!

We are so happy to announce that Rosaria Kozar, host of Cancer Podcast, @livingwithscanxiety, has joined Campaign One At A Time as our 2021 Honorary Board Member. We are so excited, as her expertise will be of great value as we continue to innovate the best ways in which we can service our OAAT families!

Rosaria resides in Boston, MA and was also a mother of a warrior. At just 3 years old, her son Broderick lost his battle to Rhabdomyosarcoma. Since then, she has has dedicated a majority of her time to creating a podcast that informs, supports, and promotes hope for the lives of families and individuals affected by cancer. Rosaria will be managing our OAAT Mom Tribe Facebook page and will play a major role in the development of our programs this year. Be sure to check out Rosaria’s podcast here —>

If you are a mother with a child with cancer and would like join our OAAT Mom Tribe with Rosaria, please email Tanya at tpanopio@campaignoaat.org to be added to our group!