The Ability To Be Included In A Minimalist Lifestyle!

Many people could agree that being included in a situation during…

Meet The Staff: Joseph Jones

  Positivity fills our mind and bodies whenever we give…
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From Pain to Empowerment: One Mother's Mission To Keep Her Daughter's Story Alive

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7,500 Acts of Kindness: One Man's Mission To Do It All In One Year

When we provide or receive a random act of kindness we feel great.…
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OAAT Child Updates

Someone once said, “You, are your only limit. Only you stop…

Spread Good Squad

As another year passes us by, everyone has a different way of…
Brodi Nicholas And Brett

The OAAT Mindset

Andrew: "Did you leave the lights on last night?” Brodi:…

Side Effects: The Journey of Cancer

More often than not people think hearing the words “you have…

Survivor Spotlight: Al

I had the privilege of talking to Albert Young, and hear firsthand…
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It’s What You Do When No One Is Looking That Matters

If you turn on the news, there is a good chance you’ll hear…